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A-Z Voice Termination

Swiftcom Communications is an established telco in the carrier market, providing innovative solutions backed by best-in-class customer support.

Managed Service

Managed Services

Swiftcom Communications has a pool of global consultants delivering a wealth of proven international experience in several fields and markets.

PBX Solution

Hosted PBX

Our core network has been designed to provide high availability for all inbound and outbound telephone calls. Not only do they connect via geographically diverse endpoints.

WHY CHOOSE Swiftcom Communications?
Comprehensive Voice Termination Solutions

Swiftcom Communications is a well-established telecommunications company operating in the carrier market, delivering cutting-edge solutions supported by exceptional customer service. Among our primary offerings, we provide wholesale A-Z termination services through direct interconnects with PTT / Tier 1 / Tier 2 operators as well as mobile operators. Our expertise extends to data services and IPLC, and we have a proven track record in delivering white-label managed services to other service providers.

We empower smaller telecom providers by offering switch partitioning facilities, effectively reducing their initial investment costs. This includes enabling resellers and channel partners to offer a wide range of voice services utilizing our robust infrastructure.

Data Centre Technician
Data Centre Technician
Managed Services

At Swiftcom Communications, we boast a team of global consultants who possess extensive expertise and a wealth of international experience across various industries and markets. Our consultants are particularly attuned to the needs of entrepreneurial enterprises. Recognizing the hurdles that can hinder the growth of developing businesses, we understand the significance of even the smallest details.

To support your business's advancement, we provide a diverse array of consultancy services led by our accomplished experts. By partnering with us, you not only unleash the true potential of your enterprise but also accelerate your journey towards success.

Data Centre Technician
Discover our Hosted PBX Solution

Experience a wide range of exceptional business features with our hosted telephony solution. Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs, as our solution often comes at zero cost! Enjoy the convenience of a simple monthly rental. Our hosted PBX offers a highly flexible and scalable solution that can effortlessly expand alongside your business, catering to organizations of all sizes!

Explore our four distinct solutions by clicking on the product buttons. Find the perfect fit for your business and budget with detailed information provided for each solution.

Hosted PBX

Swiftcom Communications takes pride in delivering a comprehensive range of exceptional, cost-effective, and first-rate terminating routes to various global destinations. As a leading telecommunications provider, we strive to offer unparalleled connectivity solutions that meet the diverse needs of our esteemed customers.